Architectural design

Whatever you need, our experienced team of architects, technicians and designers will be right by your side, using the best in standardised, modular or completely bespoke architectural design.

Creativity rooted in real-life needs

We’re a full-service architectural practice that just feels different. Approachable, flexible and always collaborative, we create imaginative responses to your toughest challenges and time constraints, and use proven efficiencies to
help your budgets go further.

Every project begins with your ambitions, which we nurture by getting under the skin of what your community really needs. From there we’ll create a concept that works for you and the building’s end-users, whether it’s standardised,
hybrid or completely bespoke.

Homes with people right at their heart

We love designing the places people call home, and over the years our team has built up a diverse portfolio of residential projects. Between us, we’ve designed everything from luxury apartments to social housing and student accommodation. We’ve built homes for private clients, masterplanned entire developments and even built our own homes, brick by brick.

Whether we’re creating unique, bespoke designs or using modular construction on restrictive urban sites, we put our clients at the heart of every project. Which all means we’ll be right by your side, whatever you’re planning. From feasibility and concepts to BIM, planning and construction, we’ll involve, inspire, advise and support you, every step of the way.

Blue-light facilities for emergency teams

Britain’s blue-light services work tremendously hard in the most demanding circumstances, and we’re proud to be providing practical, modern bases for their fleets. From a fire station extension in Stornoway to ‘make-ready’ ambulance centres in the East Midlands, our designs are developed to work in harmony with the daily tasks emergency services teams carry out. As a result, these teams are able to operate with greater efficiency, as well as greater comfort.

Our concepts spring from detailed process and movement diagrams, site security and zoning of public and private spaces. They’re created after spending days on the ground with the crews, mapping footfall and understanding workflows. Up in Stornoway, our team even measured the boat that would bring each modular element from the mainland, making sure they’d arrive safely.

“We have a beautiful building and a lot of pride in it from all quarters. The students love it, the staff feel very lucky to have it, and the parents love it too. The collaboration made the Academy a massive success; the quality is beautiful.”
Paul Spyropoulos, Principal, Wixams Academy