Modular £multi-million residential project

Sector: Residential
Status: In concept

On this landmark Lungfish project, we’re taking everything we know about modular school building and using it to change the face of residential design. It’s a £multi-million apartment development on a central urban regeneration site in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. But it’s so much more than that. It’s the blueprint for a powerful kit of parts that will enable incredibly fast, cost-effective modular housing builds right across the UK.

Project team

About the project

We’re forging a powerful new partnership with an innovative private developer. Built on intensive R&D and a desire to rethink residential building, it’s beginning with a prototype multi-storey development providing a total of 205 one- and two-bedroom apartments. The project’s won the support of the local authority – helping achieve housing targets and regenerating a city centre plot. But its potential goes much further, as the Government looks to increase cost-effective residential building nationwide through the development of brown field sites.  Read about this particular scheme here.

The client chose Lungfish because of our modular approach to school building – minimising time spent on site, providing cost certainty and enabling rapid evaluation of potential plots. They also valued our team’s extensive residential experience. Together, we’re creating a modular design that can be rolled out anywhere and adapted to any local environment. Everything’s constructed off site, making it a model perfect for tight urban plots, tough timescales and ambitious targets.

“This is an exciting project for us – not just for the challenge of building around an existing, fully operating car park on a restrictive urban site – but also because it involves an underlying, wider-reaching R&D venture which will see us designing anything from a single storey house extension to a townhouse to multi-storey residential property.”

Alison Pressley, Project Architect

“We are delighted to be working with Lungfish who share our passion for innovative design along with a wide range of knowledge and experience of alternative methods of construction. Our preferred method of construction complements our pioneering business model by working with local authorities in identifying and developing brown field sites. This approach, we believe, truly demonstrates private enterprise supporting local need delivering ‘quality homes fast’.”

Barry Hawkins, Project Director