Kineton High School Science Block

Sector: Education
Status: Completed September 2017

We’re not afraid of limited spaces, budgets or timescales. We’re ambitious for our schools and the inspiring places they can be. At Kineton High School, Warwickshire County Council asked us to replace seven dilapidated mobile classrooms with a specialist science block for the whole school to use. Run in partnership with Jeakins Weir and Scape, it’s a £3.25 million project designed to engage pupils and lay the foundations for future growth.

About the project

Dramatically improving its educational facilities and attacting new sixth-form students are Kineton High School’s top priorities.  So, in addition to the new science faculty and in preparation for the school’s future growth, we’ve designed the whole site so that this phase can be easilty mirrored, creating even more inspiring learning spaces.  The school hopes to add a further eight-classroom building once further funding is secured.

Our Approach

Providing seven specialist labs and one multi-use classroom, the new science block is an incredibly practical building - with one big difference. We've given the upper floors iridescent cladding that catches the light and changes colour during the day. We've also designed a canopied plaze where students can meet, as well as refurbished parts of the main school - converting old labs, improving access and making circulation spaces brighter.

An Exceptional Outcome

The iconic new science faculty has become a real talking point for the whole school. The most significant development at Kineton High School for 40 years, this modern learning environment has given the school state of the art STEM (science, maths, engineering and technology) facilities, fully supporting the school's high aspirations and expectations of learning and achievement in these subjects. In fact the school was delighted to report that this year they recorded their best science results ever.

"It has provided a modern environment for the teaching of science, one of our most successful curriculum areas of the school... The building itself is inspirational, changing colour during the day as the sun moves around the sky."

Siona Robinson, Headteacher, Kineton High School