Designing the right building for you

In today’s climate we know a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t right for everyone – and going bespoke might not be the best option either. That’s why we’ve developed a structured, three-tier approach. It’s the way we start each project and it helps us identify the right build for you.

It’s not about compromise, and it’s not about steering you towards one approach over another. It’s about working closely together to get the best results. We’re passionate about every design we show you and we’ll work with you to choose a route that gets you the results you need.

Why Choose Lungfish?

We do this because we love it. Creating places that make a difference to people’s lives constantly inspires us, and we’re excited about every new challenge we take on.

Our clients say we’re a friendly, knowledgeable team you can trust, which is always good to hear. They also love the way we do the things we do. It’s a collaboration. You and us. Your vision, our expression. We work as a team, and you’re at the very heart of it. We solve your challenges through architecture in an incredibly simple, elegant but personal way. The results? A building that puts people at its very core. A building with longevity - delivered on time and within budget. A building you can be proud of.