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Work Experience Imogen a Bilborough Sixth Form College Student



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Designing my future

The following article was written by Imogen, a Bilborough Sixth Form College Student, who completed work experience at Lungfish Architects:

I’m currently in my first year at Bilborough Sixth Form College, studying Art, DT and History A Level with hopes of being an architect in the future. When I came across the ‘Budding Brunels’ course run by Construction Youth Trust, I jumped at the chance to take part. The three-day workshop is designed to raise awareness of careers in construction and provide students with skills that make them more employable. I decided to take part in this program as I believed it would be a great opportunity to see what the construction industry was about, in more detail.

During the course, we were given a guided tour of two of GF Tomlinson’s largest projects in Nottingham – the demolition of Broadmarsh Car Park and the construction of the University of Nottingham’s new Advanced Manufacturing Building. We met and interacted with professionals from Scape Group, Nottingham City Council and of course GF Tomlinson and had the opportunity to work together and then present to a panel of industry experts.

" Since I was very little I have always had a passion for designing, which led me to wanting to go down the path of a career in architecture.

Imogen of Bilborough Sixth Form College

As a result of taking part in the Budding Brunels course, Construction Youth Trust set up a work experience placement with Lungfish Architects, a practice based in Nottingham. This has proved to be a fantastic opportunity where I learnt a lot about architecture and the tools they use such as the software ‘Revit’.

Spending time with the team, I learnt about taking a project from inception to completion, including diagrams, design and detail and all the types of media architects use to bring a design to life for the client – 2D, 3D, Revit, SketchUp and Adobe Creative Suite to name a few. Through open and thorough engagement with the client, an architect can understand their full requirements and scope of the project.

" Lungfish explained that an architect’s job is to produce a design that the client didn’t even know they wanted and this is done not just with drawings and plans, but with the evocative language an architect uses to inspire the client and take them on the design journey with them.

Imogen, Work Experience of Bilborough Sixth Form College

It was also explained to me that an architect needs to keep up with architectural trends and modern methods of construction.

The Lungfish team gave me one of their projects to start to model but then they saw I had a real aptitude and energy for drawing residential, so they asked me to model my own house. I became the client and started to remodel my own house by bringing the overall aesthetic of the building into a more contemporary style.

During this week’s work experience, I was very lucky to go to a firm like Lungfish as it was a lovely, positive working environment with a lot of friendly people.

On top of that I had a fantastic time and left with some great work to add to my portfolio.

Residential drawings by Imogen Work Experience

Imogen's sketches for a Lungfish project

Residential drawing by Imogen a Bilborough Sixth Form Student

Imogen's work for a Lungfish project

" Imogen has been a delight to have in the office this week. She is mature, considerate, engaging and shows a natural interest for architecture. We sincerely hope that she continues to be excited about entering this profession, as we believe she has the potential to make a success of it. She showed a willingness to participate and was always eager to ask questions. She was always prompt with her time keeping, and showed professional behaviour beyond her years.

Richard Daw, Associate Director of Lungfish Architects


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