• Richard Daw

    Associate Director

    As associate director, Richard works closely with our clients, developing concepts they love and taking them right through their Lungfish journey. He’s been bungee jumping, competed in triathlons and changed the face of school design. The next adventure on his bucket list? Breaking new ground in modular housing.

  • Melissa Bancroft

    Architectural Technician

    With extensive experience in planning, building regulations and design, Melissa keeps our projects moving and our clients happy, answering queries and making things happen. She cooks for local homeless people, but one day she’d like to design a roof over their heads too.

  • Andrew Hardcastle

    Architectural Technologist

    Andrew’s all about the technical details. His drawings, plans and specs make sure everyone on site knows how to bring a building to life. He’s a skilled coordinator who loves making a difference with the projects we deliver – and flying down Spanish mountains on his bike.

  • Kieran Roberts

    Architectural Technologist

    Kieran has an impressive ability to run a multitude of projects, putting in an impressive 22 planning submissions last year alone (we gave him an award). He guides clients through far-reaching feasibility studies, is an expert in 3D modelling and still finds time to walk his lovely lurcher Marcel.

  • Alison Pressley

    Project Architect

    Nothing gets Alison more fired up than user-focused architecture that quietly works wonders for our clients. She’s been a bingo caller, rowed for England and worked on Hong Kong International Airport, but right now she’s making Lungfish-shaped waves in the modular housing market.

  • Alice Power

    Architectural Assistant Part III

    For Alice, it’s the little things that make a building beautiful. With a real love of environmental design, she’s busy working on projects that make lives better. When she’s not at work you’ll probably find her scuba diving or renovating her beloved Victorian semi.

  • Richard Murray

    Technical Lead

    Richard’s a technical specialist. He focuses on how materials interface with each other, creating detailed drawings for our construction partners. With a love of the wilderness and racing his bike, he’s also auditioned for Total Wipeout.

  • Craig Taylor

    Associate Director

    Craig’s our associate director and interior architecture expert, passionate about engaging interiors, honest client relationships and getting the details just right. He also spends his entire life getting in and out of lycra in the pursuit of sporting glory – in fact he’s about to become a GB duathlete.

  • Yasmin Nally

    Project Architect

    There’s nothing Yasmin loves more than getting stuck into an interesting new concept and she’s already breaking new ground here at Lungfish. Sustainability, passive design and projects that work hard for their users are what really makes her tick – that and cheering on Derby County.

  • John Morris

    Regional Design Lead

    When it comes to education, John’s got a lifetime’s experience. One of the original Sunesis pioneers, he’s helping us take sustainable, modular design to the next level, creating a new generation of primary, secondary and SEN schools – and doing a spot of rowing on the side.

  • Sophie McHale

    Architectural Assistant

    Sophie’s all about creating positive, people-focused environments full of vibrant, social spaces. Her creative approach to presentation is bringing a fresh aesthetic to Lungfish. An adventurer at heart, she’s rafted down rivers and jumped out of planes, but she’d really like to swim with a shoal of whale sharks.

  • Nathan Webb

    Architectural Assistant

    Nathan’s our resident Revit expert, setting new standards in BIM right across the team. He’s shaped agile spaces for evolving police forces, fitted out fire stations and crafted extra care homes, but what he loves best is life out in the sticks – and marching up mountains with his dogs.

  • Sebastien Mathewson

    Architectural Assistant

    Nothing excites Seb more than an amazing looking, unforgettable building form. He loves to turn the team’s concepts into reality using his expertise in 3D visualisation and graphics. Outside of work he loves to travel and share his adventures through social media, influencing others to live life to the full.

  • Hannah Scrimshaw

    Interior Designer