Feasibility Study Support

Projects face challenges. From the way a building looks, to its impact on trees and playing fields, highways and employment, planners will assess everything. Through feasibility studies and business case and planning support, we can work with you to explore your options, identify viable solutions, create real clarity and reduce your risk, right from the word go.

Get ahead of those concerns, our team can guide you and help you get your project in for planning.
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Our modular school design philosophy

We are an enthusiastic team of experienced architects, technicians and designers who are dedicated to challenging expectations and creating modular school buildings and classrooms that put pupils at their very heart. Our foundations are laid in designing educational environments, classrooms and schools; and collectively we share significant experience across the sector. We’ve worked with all types and styles of buildings, ranging from simple classroom extensions, school expansions and new nursery blocks to brand-new primary and secondary schools.

The many lessons learned through our extensive research, design and projects has given us the capability to create innovative solutions for modular schools. This allows our clients to benefit from our expertise at the same time as creating safe, sustainable and successful buildings that truly make an impact.

"Construction was remarkably swift and because of the modular nature of the build, it caused very little disruption to the school as a whole and the children and parents were excited to be able to watch the progress of the new building as it took shape before their eyes. The end result – a block that came together just as we’d hoped and imagined – a block that’s universally admired by children, parents and visitors – a block that feels airy, light and spacious and is a joy to work in."

Virginia Gilks, Headteacher, Bromham Primary School

The benefits of utilising modular solutions

Modular design provides a number of benefits to educational projects, including:

Cost certainty

Being able to cost components up front and provide cost certainty is a huge benefit when trying to meet tight budget constraints.

Early design freeze

We can maximise design time to ensure site issues are resolved correctly and economically. This in turn allows for us to focus on the how rooms will be used best, how pupils, teachers and other personnel will move through the school and how the interior design will inspire and encourage learning.

Client experience

Modular builds make pupil engagement tangible and fun with opportunities for children to visit the offsite factory and see their classroom within a controlled environment, and watch it being craned into position onsite.


Using modular construction, the classroom blocks can be designed and configured to fit even the most challenging site and location. Also, it's not just classrooms that can be built offsite, as Sport England compliant sports halls can be constructed in modular.

Minimal disruption onsite

Offsite construction is the perfect solution to minimising disruption to a live school site as there is no need for wet trades or the storage of materials onsite. The modules can be delivered outside school hours so the day-to-day operation of a school can continue, uninterrupted.

Beautiful design

Modular and offsite design no longer means 'temporary' classrooms. The external appearance of modular school buildings can now be enhanced dramatically, without any uplift in cost, through the use of cladding systems being offered as cost-neutral options.

We are personable and hands-on, we put you at the centre of our design team and involve you throughout all stages. Working with us means taking your initial spark and exploring it fully, developing it into a stylish, sustainable and effective design solution. Our team will guide you through the design process, working with you and with your community to ensure the smooth delivery of high-quality modular classrooms and buildings. This collaboration helps us to deliver an efficiently completed project that you will be proud of.

"Offsite construction is a subject Lungfish is seriously passionate about. We have been dealing with offsite for about eight years now, from one-classroom extensions and small nurseries, to a full fire station on the Scottish isles – where even the ferry that the lorry transporting the modular blocks would take from the mainland was measured to ensure a perfect fit."

Simon Reid, Managing Director

We’re passionate about architecture

No matter what the project or your aspirations for the school building, our design-led process takes your individual requirements and specifications into account.

In today’s climate, one size fits all isn’t right for everyone – and going bespoke isn’t always an option. That’s why we’ve developed our three-tier approach to architectural design. It’s the way we start each project and, as part of a fully immersive engagement process, it helps us identify the right building solution for you.

We’re passionate about every design we show you and we’ll help you choose a route that gets the results you really want.

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