Feasibility and planning

Every project has challenges, but with feasibility studies and planning support, we provide viable solutions, create real clarity and reduce your risk, right from the word go.


We have found that business cases have an increased rate of success if a project viability study has been conducted.
These reports take just a matter of weeks to produce and will include resources, support and recommendations from our planning, cost, and health and safety consultants. Our team can work with you in a variety of ways to build this document:
• Digitally using high level information gained through conversations and interviews
• Remotely using existing and available survey information, or
• We can develop a basic strategy with minimal information gained from both above
Over the last five years, we have worked with our clients on 90% of projects from the outset to produce viability reports to support their business cases. Through this collaboration we have found that successful delivery at the early stages of a project, add benefits throughout the entire project/scheme of work, including timescales, budget and value for money.
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Up-front feasibility studies

There’s so much to consider when you commission a build, and a feasibility study can be a powerful way to gather a large amount of information, quickly. It’s your chance to find out more about your proposed site – from hidden gas mains to protected wildlife – as well as starting to identify potential design routes, costs and timelines.

Feasibility studies are also an opportunity to build a much clearer picture of your end users, stakeholders and project partners. Whether we’re masterplanning a major development or extending your school, we’ll use interviews, workshops and footfall mapping to get under the skin of what everybody needs, helping us create designs that are practical,
buildable and affordable.

Proactive planning support

Planners want projects to make a positive impact on their communities, and we’re here to help you make that case. Our experienced team takes a proactive approach, understanding planners’ positions, anticipating their concerns and helping you put forward the best possible application.

But that’s just the beginning. We keep the lines of communication open right through the process, so if local planners have an issue, we can resolve it right away. It’s a simple, transparent way of working and it’s helped us get 100% of our clients’ planning applications approved.

The power of groundwork

Feasibility studies give your project the best possible chance, straight out of the gate. We recently worked with a large borough council on a major feasibility programme for the overhaul of its education estate – moving from a three to two-tier school system and replacing large numbers of tired, temporary classrooms right across its region.

As well as reviewing each site, the study saw us interview every head teacher. Working closely with so many end users, we compiled reports on everything they wanted for their evolving schools, from the must-haves to the nice-to-haves. It paved the way for a really successful programme, providing over 9,000 new pupil places in fresh, inspiring learning environments.
Read more about the project.

“Planners aren’t just thinking about the way a building looks – they’re analysing its impact on everything from trees and playing fields to highways and employment.
Our job is to get ahead of those concerns.”
Kieran Roberts, Architectural Technologist