Community and conservation

We believe in architecture that benefits communities, whether we’re creating public spaces, protecting
natural habitats or conserving heritage buildings for
generations to come.

Sensitive, sustainable design

When we talk about sustainable architecture, we don’t just mean designs that harness natural sunlight, ventilation and rainwater. Sustainability isn’t just about sourcing materials and using buildings more responsibly than ever. It’s about all of this and more – buildings that belong in the communities they serve, that are positive, people focused and built to last lifetimes.

From auction house… to brand new church

Sometimes the most imaginative projects start with the most interesting challenges – like converting an old auction house into a new, multi-level place of worship. That’s exactly what we did for Trinity Church in Nottingham – masterplanning, space planning, phasing and providing interior design. The result? An unloved Victorian building became a beautiful, modern community church.

“Conversion is a really niche area, but for me they’re some of the best jobs you can do. You’re developing internal spaces that weren’t designed for the function you now need them to serve, and that’s always a challenge. Invariably, those challenges push you to come up with some really inventive solutions.”
Craig Taylor, Associate Director

Turning a local landmark into an amazing place to live

When a building really matters to a community, conservation architecture can help to give it a fresh purpose, while preserving its cultural heritage. Local landmark Carlton Road Library had been disused for eight years when Arc Partnership asked us to help transform it into 11 new homes.

Acting as project lead, Lungfish presented a feasibility study, site surveys and design concepts, as well as managing structural and civil engineers. We achieved planning and building control approval, addressing conservation and flooding issues to pave the way for this exciting project.

“This new venture will revive a much-loved historic building, creating a meeting place that connects in new ways with many thousands of people who live in our vibrant city.”
Bishop Paul Williams

“I believe Trinity Church Nottingham will bring newness not only to the old auction house but also to the lives of many Nottingham people who will worship there.”
The Venerable Sarah Clark, Archdeacon of Nottingham